Suzuki Shogun 125, Bestial Sharpen Time

Drag Bike Series Race War II in the Garden of Hope Indah Circuit City (7-8/5) and then, again proved his toughness Suzuki Shogun 125 owned by Erwin. Anthony ridden Petruk and Toni, both climbed positions 1 and 2 ducks 4-stroke s / d 200 cc with a time of 8.057 seconds at 201 meters track plates.

Herman worked Ahon aka Lo, the temperature matches duck 4-stroke through more achievements again setuhan shiny. .. Ah, just wrote really modification. Machines designed ready on the track 201 meters, just how jockeys ngegasnya, obvious mechanical Solar Motor Sport (SMS) who opened a practice in Road No. Citayam. 18, Depok.

Just yesterday, Ahon re-admitted only setting the duration of the camp. He said, the torque force is often obtained at high valve. But, his character meeting.

Hence LSA (Lobe Separation Angle) constrained by the range of 107 degrees to 50 degrees overlapping baseball. Peak power continues to fill from 9,000 to 11,000 rpm. The term, a progress chart keep in tune powernya rising rpm, this straight-haired man continued.

As usual, a large drag force quickly channeled priority. The preferred initial torque. People say torque. Hence the compression ratio racehorse is contrived 15: 1 with the character of semi-bathtub head. Fitting really burned benzol.

Combined combustion chamber volume of 199.9 cc cylindrical or spherical so 200 cc. Originally, bore x stroke Shogun 125 is 55.2 mm x 53.5 mm. Then wear the pin stroke of 3 mm. So, step alias so add 6 mm 61.2 mm. Meanwhile, bore is increased to be 64.5 mm.

This machine is already using Tiger oversized piston 100. If the default is not it wear size 63.5 mm. Well because the oversized 100, 64.5 mm deh so, "added the original mechanical Singkawang practice in Depok it.

However Ahon not explain what piston wear handlebars. If you use a standard means hole pen raised.

In addition to back and compression, Ahon also pointed to changes in the carburetor. Shogun 125 fuel gas is supplied from the direamer Keihin PE 28 to 30 mm.

Vile really did happen. Moreover dipatik fuel gas flame ignition products through the variations. Shogun 125 Erwin Rextor Pro Drag CDI use the magnet plus the Yamaha YZ125 kerendam oil. They say let the engine rev too light baseball lauched time.

But, the important of the two motors in the above change, the hole diameter is not just a contrived ported greater than ever. But also, more refined direction ported from the intake manifold to the valve hole umbrella. That's why this bike feels violent.