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Suzuki Satria FU bore up 24 DK

Now we are more trusted to handle Suzuki Satria F150 engine, multivalve technology combined with a system DOHC, increasingly challenged to make us think. Not only about how to make the motor faster, or powerful. Because it's too easy. The challenge is, motor-powered, with minimal modification, which is durable, and economical fuel consumption. Mumet ...

Our direct to the garage SOWAN car racing acquaintance, is cak Amin, an SMS engineer motorsport near campus UPN Surabaya, friendly man was really nice when invited sharing, especially about the ported cylinder head 4 valve engine. Starting from the theory, until the results exemplified portingnya, which part he should be taken according to experience and do not. Wow, hear his story is like hearing a story mimeographed, lust suddenly peaked, what he said about the machine is so vulgar, guns' nails ... hehehe

Not feel cups of coffee and a pack of cigarettes was gone that night, we leave home. On the way to sleep is all discourse echoed in a dream. This is the science that is transmitted, to bring the Suzuki Satria fu's customers from the city of apple, Malaysia, capable of roaring strongly in space dynotest Banyuwangi's Yamaha Motor - Undaan Surabaya.


scorpio piston modifan
Yeah, why think about dizziness, A. Graham Bell used to say in his four-stroke engine performance tuning, BORE UP is the easiest increasing energy, the excess area of ​​the piston 8 millimeter extra scorpio kitchen runway can be used to pump the engine. Relying on standard stroke motor, could boost capacity to 187 cc cylinder.

The addition of 27% capacity of the cylinder is not necessarily bring additional power to the same percentage if without modification perfectly balanced and careful calculation. But at least we have no capital to fast motor! So why hesitate ...

Turing FU bore up scorpio

Why a standard motor can be durable for years, otherwise the motor racing race / drag her age can be calculated in hours of work? The answer is only one, COMPRESSION. Compression is the main source of energy production, but also the source of damaging the engine durability. Why? You think the manufacturers Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha motorcycles in Indonesia was made for the race, is not it! Just for the daily and the streets to the market. Therefore most of them have compression between 90-10: 1, very low. Incidentally FU with sports characters have compression 10.5: 1. So since birth he's much faster than the motor bebekmu, hehehe ...

Measuring and maintaining low compression is the duty engineer, to ensure the accuracy of selection octane fuel that is used in accordance modification is the duty of the owner of the motor. Because of the challenge must be durable then the compression is increased little in the 11: 1. How so? Capacity jumped really low compression? Should not it already minimal 13: 1.

Let us never learn, how to lower the compression! Hehehe ...

- The addition of cylinder block gasket: a gasket or head gasket block affects the distance the piston against the roof of the dome, the more tenuous the slit is compressed even more down.

- Designing a piston with a concave roof, like a Honda motorcycle owned by the charisma, the dome continues to do well after all the evidence, the motor continues until light and breath of tens of thousands of rpm.

- Expand the dome of the combustion chamber with a knife tuner, remember the compression ratio is the division between the dome against the cylindrical combustion chamber, vault reshaping the combustion chamber according to a new cylinder volume is absolutely necessary.

yes ... especially of the cam can also be, not yet but yes ...

Porting strength

Configuration of the inlet valve 22 millimeters fu belongs in supplying fuel to the cylinder is considered sufficient. - Just forcing the point hahaha ... actually yes because not enough, dicukup-quite right because it funds the master motor for making valves have not been sufficiently wide enough hehehehe ... pretty confused reading it. After all it took to make the valve wide and long queues in the fabrication process / on turning. What's the solution?

ported inspiration
Mimicking estillo champion honda cylinder head SMS Drag Racing team owned by a fall in the standard 1,700 cc sedan class, which plays a cam and the valve is haram, so that reliable compression and ported yes, mad! Expands left and right-ported in the bowl area of ​​focus is the answer. Ported made 32-millimeter width. By expanding we are trying to add water but without reducing the gas flow speed. Why? Because the machine is actually forcing, were less likely hisapannya valve too quickly.

Convergent and divergent thinking style. Indeed, if only just raised portingnya effect will not be as special if klepnya adjusted, bother her. However, because it keeps the engine configuration Big Bore, where he has a short step tends to lower the piston speed, the engine felt able to be driven tens of thousands of RPM to pursue the air velocity in the port. Try to look at the spec motor deh kind of special engine, Honda CRF 250, just a 52mm piston 78mm stroke. Yamaha Yz250f, just a 54mm piston 77mm stroke. Or drag the winner's FFA team green shorts, KTM 250 sx-f 76mm diameter piston stroke 55mm. Everything is big-big piston, stroke is relatively much lower. Portingnya behold how ...? Search in google deh ... make it a guide for fu

Noken fat

If we were told to maintain Noken as standard? Can! But hell yes nyetingnya and maximum power does not come out. After all we've got science, why not do more for the benefit. Well, here the role of the new buffalo Noken required. When the volumetric efficiency is difficult to reach from the configuration of the valve, then the duration and the lifter Noken more playable. Especially the duration of the valves, when shown the camshaft honda estillo dipapas 2 millimeters just to catch profiles, but it just adds a millimeter lifters, we doubt able to deliver more power. However cak said amen, the cam as it was able to give more flow than the hi-lifter cam. The effect vehicle ran over nyedo0o0o0t 2 not rich, not wealthy bencong you know ... ^ _ ^

racing camshaft suzuki raider RAT
Ok, we imitate and fulfill, rather than play the Papas, this time our fu Noken standards Babet with argon welding 2 millimeters thick, then repeated to produce a lifter digrinda + 1 millimeter, but with a wide profile. With the main weld, butt cam is not touched, so that we can still put the decompression cam, aka ntar kalo ga nyelah difficult. Consequently, the electric starter was still easily ignited, direct press greng. Gap shiem towards the inlet cam 0.10 millimeters, 0.12 millimeters outlets. Cam Voice can be minimized only his voice so husuk husuk husuk agak2 ngosos deh so hehehehe

Have not been able to buy pears racing valves, can be tricked by the addition of a millimeter thick wedge ring under the pear valve inlet and 0.7 millimeters below the valve pears out. If there's money to buy pears valve racing, we must add the modification of the cut back valve, an additional 10% more power can be obtained. Hufffttt ... emane ...

chipatkai .. mainstay turner reamer head again to fu

Other auxiliary device power is adjustable CDI Rextor, pe 28 millimeter carburetor, aftermarket exhaust, suzuki RG150R canvas clutch, clutch pears TDR. Purchased because it is needed. CDI was necessary to raise the ignition at 37 degrees before TDC and opened the limiter, so that when fed at 12.000 RPM fast machine continued uninterrupted pengapiannya shouted.

Canvas clutch and pears purchased, comes standard clutch slippage already received the new power, if ya ga pake slippage wrote that standard. PE 28 millimeters is expected to continue to supply power in the upper middle rounds, why make-ga larger carburetors? I actually want, but the owner of the motor is still afraid of extravagant, hihihi ...

All had been arranged neatly, Bismillahirrahmanirrahim ... the engine is turned on, the road testing ... top speed of 150 kph was able to penetrate, wow ... a trick speedometer or suggestion? Has not been fun if untested 800 meter race, the result bulldoze mx 200cc, 200cc megapro 23dk 2 thin body, even bulldoze away kawasaki-zx modifan capital already piston valve tiger tiger by topspeed 170 kph (was a tight speedometernya aja) wkwkwk ...

If the tuner says the modern, what's in a topspeed without empirical facts modifan you? HOAK! Dynotest better ... ... we jabanin okeeeyy. Direct lift telf to contact Adi mas from Banyuwangi Yamaha Motor Dealer, there are dynotest sportdevice of Rextor, we make a pact for its dyno equipment hire. The journey from sidoarjo to Surabaya as far as 40 kilometers, is just to know the results of testing. And this result, the Power 24 DK tapered at the top to 11.000 RPM, Torque of 9.000 was obtained in 17.5 Nm RPM, mas said Adi if able to refine a little more power then the carburetor jetting 25 dk it is not possible easily achieved. However, remains to be thankful for than just a simple capital, the owners bear fruit of happiness ...

Dyno result

dyno graph Satria fu
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