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Bore Up Yamaha Byson

Yamaha Motor Indonesia should rejoice at the launch of its new motorsport product, yeah, Yamaha Byson! Clap .. clap .. clap .. give a big appalus. Congratulation for all the engineers That been workin so hard to make-this adorable bike come true.

Statistics based on Yamaha Mio sales success, it shows people believe in the product Yamaha Indonesia. Public expectations so high, the issue of launching yamaha byson exploded in various media, you name it, newspapers, magazines, tv, radio, online (tweeter, facebook, blogs, etc.). And RAT did not flinch, waiting did come forward the bike repair shop ...

Ask for the practice of Yamaha Motor Indonesia byson engine modifications? Ngimpi ... hehe .. ga also going to cry until keturutan. Wong mechanical katrok and ndeso of Lapindo mud city of Sidoarjo which sounded to officers yamaha hehe ... ask him where? Where we begged and asked yes just one DIA, Yes to gusti GOD Almighty. After a prayer intention, just pray "

"There is no god worshiped by the actual eligible but GOD, Most Forbearing, Oft Majesty, I beg of Thee the things that cause Thy grace, and strengthen the heart to obtain thy forgiveness. And I beg also to acquire all of the good as well as survivors of doing all sin. Do not be sin hast thou forsaken me, but spare, and left the hardship, but You melapangkannya, there is no intent that you ridhai unless you turn down. O God the most gracious and merciful. "

Abbey RAT dismantle byson
Alhamdulillah, the research opportunities it created. Finally we got a chance to dismantle the kitchen runway Yamaha Byson! Is mr.T, men from poor, eastern Java, which brought his Yamaha Byson after 300 miles out from the dealer immediately taken to the RAT MOTORSPORT, even before the bike's license plate number out. What's wrong? As there is nothing wrong with the style, riding impressions, and good looking black sporty engine + exhaust kit. But it just looks out, man! Start your engine, and full throtle run! There is no impression of adrenalin when the gas runs out and fed twisted spontaneously between each tooth ... and reaching 100 kph, it is quite difficult and time consuming, especially for riders weighing 80 kg (or more)

Well, yamaha should be proud with a series of advantages byson: "big bike look" fuel tank cover, LCD digital speedometer, Multi Reflector Headlamp, Front fork 41mm, 153cc Black Engine (pardon deh ...), and other spectacular advantages in figure byson. Yeah, the family remains byson cow, that is not how wild mammals and incorporated large, frightening cuman hell wrote ... not at all fierce and cruel ga hehehe ... Therefore the master immediately gave the budget to upgrade the performance of byson, embarrassed dong, if ga nyalip Minerva on the road Jiakakakaka ... sorry to say, but Minerva mah emang more "severe" any justification T_T Either the owner of Minerva standards, but - minerva who berbody super sporty 150 it's really pathetic ... Except if you've dimodif, to call it cool lah, hehehe ... let the repair shop wants rame mulu

byson kitchen runway that had been cleaned

back to the Businees ...

RAT always focus on the creation of energy in the kitchen runway! So when you find a solution to repair power getting to the point, you know where to send the machine, and there we are Just like if we want to make love, our head (brain) have to get a first signal in order to greng! Lha motor too, the head of the engine used in the caress her, just to mak Joss!

Slowly we began to strip her black engine ... Why, oh why, after creating a Touring with multivalve and injection technology, why even decline, creating a 2 valve engine with a carburetor vacuum again ... this emangnya motor mio? Mio wrote a lot of make-NSR SP carburetor. hehehe ...

Noken modified yamaha byson
153cc engine, with a square configuration, the diameter x step = 58.0 x 57.9 mm, being not so mean when I have to lift the load vehicle rider weights 137 + kg, with energy 13.7 PS @ 7.500 RPM, then every 1 horsepower, loaded more than 15.8 kg weight of the motor when actually driving. Bandinkan with brothers from yamaha itself, eg Touring, with a capacity of "only" 149cc, which achieved 14.88 PS@8.500 power rpm, well lo ... Not heavy bike just 125kg, so power to weight ratio of only 1: 13.7! Clearly definitely entengan Touring in acceleration, top speed achievement too, for sure, because powernya achieved at a higher RPM!

Anyway, be thankful: an Indonesian man who co-designed the existing ga byson hehe ... well ... acceptable only if the ga have received, let's do it Innovation? Combustor dome sip settings really, compact, model bath tub. Order asymmetric valve. Unfortunately the valve configuration is still relying on 28mm for the inlet, 24mm for outlet. How rich the same size is only 125 cc CS1 ... Haduh haduh haduh ... T_T

Piston lighter, shorter, with the dimensions of the pin 13 millimeters, in otomotifnet ya wonder why there is an article that said the same pin 15mm byson rich tiger ...? Are there two types of spec .. Ah, maybe yes. Sectional diameter of 58mm, fitting mounted to Jupiterz, New Jupiter, vegazr, or Honda Supra 125, or kawasaki ZX, just for the ducks are going ga bore up and complicated affairs of the pen, Piston Yamaha Byson solution! LHA continues, if byson want to use the piston bore up what ...? Easy, rapid want - compact, disposable piston Honda sonic os 3.00! Not bad you know, if you add the capacity calculated to be 169.2 cc, 16cc of standardnya swell. Less satisfied, felt not enough lift weights you are plump? hehehe ... Piston Honda Tiger BM1 production, with a diameter of 64mm pin piston but still 13 mm, making it easy to install without having to make the boss mengakal pen, recalculated, translucent 186cc! LHA MOTORSPORT IS NEW NAME! hehehe ...

Direct plug? Yes, baseball is, many of which must be considered in the procession bore up! Especially for daily use. The height of the pen top pistons, piston tail length. Adjustment of the volume of the dome of the combustion chamber of cylinder volume of new, or better known as the arrangement of compression. The minimum thickness liner behold how? hehehe ... liner materials also do not play games, use of materials from diesel cars are believed to deliver more powerful heat.

* Otomotifnet - 13mm piston pen tiger
Standard valves would be retained, should the bag again ... if ya want to how thin again! The important brain must still be playing, re-seating valve on the cutter, then cut back dimodif valve. Well, this is just a trick so you know, in order to outsmart the machine does not quickly run out of breath. However, it would be more special when the big valve upgrade relies on EE dimensions of 30.5 mm valve inlet / outlet 25.5mm. Ciamik!

Determination of the valve was, living arrangements ported! Remember, any change in the dimensions of the piston, ported dimensions require readjustment.

Correlation formula,

ported piston diameter = diameter / sqrt (gas speed / ((stroke x peak RPM) / 30000))

where the gas speed at peak rpm we want to specify is usually run at a speed of 100 meters per second it. After the count on paper finished, brand new drill any tuner you have, the kindle, the tool is important, but the man behind the tool that is in control of power flow in the cylinder head you. And RAT was years of research to pursue the cylinder head like this.

Dimensions've met? Now the geometry, the flow is going ngikutin david vizard, or still refers to the graham bell ...? Hemm ... could be exercised tuh ... lol .. Where better? fortunately that have believing aja ama dah RAT fully to regulate the air turns into what kind of space fuel.

ported bowl area:: RAT
Poke camshaft, the advantages of modern machinery sorts byson, already wearing his rocker arm roller mechanism, so it is more minimal friction and smooth in reading duration Noken. What we do, "read" first open-close position of standard factory default, how to create characters yamaha engine, and we will not stray too far from there. Valve opening 0.15 mm which is not far from the standard, but the duration of 1mm widened, so was the criterion Noken hi-performance. All the modules are really easy way to make Noken. Create the tuner tuner-young who want to be different, we not only provide tools Papas Noken her, but also easy to guide its

Inhibiting performance, BS26milimeter vacuum Mikuni carburetors, step down! Without demonstrations, directly replaced revolutionary device, Keihin PE carburetor 28milimeter, skepticism in cash! Still confused determine venturi carburetor? Easy pol! Repeated again, yes ...

Vent = 0.65 x sqrt (CID x RPM)

We want the carburetor it supplies to 10,000 RPM, and we are now 186cc engine capacity, enter aja, met venturi fitting 28 millimeters. Seriously, ga boong! Not a sale, and not carelessly. We recommend something as well as calculation. With more air mass flow into the path ported, through the valve, crowding into a cylindrical space ... Imagine the potential energy so much more bite when the marriage pilot jet and main jet piston chime in on every swing! Tapping!

Finished all the affairs of the kitchen runway, we look down! ... Iki knalpot'e Hwaladalah mlungker2 kok .. pipe exhaustnya who follow this calculation hehehe ... wah really concealed his knowledge ama model yamaha muffler under the crankcase so as Vespa, no box tubing, and pipe winding in and out. Behold what purpose? Yamaha also take care in preserving the natural, filter pollution, emissions, so that the exhaust gas is more environmentally friendly. Makes the air around us is more comfortable to breathe ... but if we are the, already addicted to inhaling exhaust FreeFlow ... wkwkwkwk (hence his brain so skewed thinking about modifications meisn mulu ...)

Recreate knalpotmu pipe, landaikan, straighten (for minimum curvature). The diameter of the exhaust pipe if you want a large torque, can wear 25 millimeters, when wanting a great power can use 27 millimeters. Both? Yes aja combine both these pipes until you find the fit you want. The exact number? yes ex is calculated according to the degree of open, peak torque RPM, and the volume of a cylinder capacity ...

CDI PowerMax Byson: * motobyke
4 Healthy, 5 it is perfect BRT CDI MAX POWER! And YZ as pelecut ignition coil is steady to spur new kitchen! If it still can put up your own, there is no formula ... But if you still want to rely on qualified standardnya ignition kok .. okay wrote ...

Wis., rebes wrong ... ... ... Pegel kabeh sampun rek ... remek my crew: D Gak popo, bar signifies an important sing paid Nggo tuku susune child, the father forgets sopo susune LHA? Hush ... hehehe ...

Gas pol, son ... Byson Yamaha 186 cc pave the road, keep safety, the street remained polite, ninja250 chase, and the honor of this old man who drove a Vespa ... By the way, wong machine already so why bore up the concept semi-sports title huh? want to know the answer? Yes because it was really his Honda sport bike that is using that race Superbike or MotoGP, KABURRRRR wkwkwkwkwkw ... ....!

Stay Healthy! The spirit remains! Let Every Day Could Modification Machine!


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