Tuesday, December 20, 2011

BORE UP MIO - Pede with 150 cc power rose 100%

Indeed the more modern era - all are easy, unlimited access to information, any human activity is increasingly mobile, need a practical vehicle, the term direct gas residence street. So more and more manufacturers create tangible skubek matic motor, one of which line up with his Yamaha MIO. But for a young soul, mio ​​standard Pantes ga cowo ridden, less applause - ga no gereget its motor still wanted practical - but ruthless force hehehe ...

Therefore, a student of November Ten Surabaya Institute of Technology approached our workshops, to beg "tutoring" the Meow energy boost. Source of inspiration ga Thorough, picked straight from motorpulus.otomotifnet.com. One was about the contest korekan mio 2 million, and another pilot bore up mio AHRS. WOW! Everything was measured on the machine dynotes ... Hmmm ... might be fun, ya, Sidoarjo also have a story from one of his underground workshop

We read the first source of inspiration, learn, imitate the calculation, newly developed. First, all of which is the setting that is used daily mio dam bore up the engine is not more than 150 cc. Second, many still rely on standard parts like the standard carburetor, and exhaust standards modif (sleep). Furthermore, modifications such as ported polished cylinder heads, cam lathe don'ts. Ignition systems are free, some are relying on BRT dual band CDI. Setting free CVT, CVT replacement roller and pears are not forbidden. Last condition, which many enthusiasts preferred MurMerCeng is the fund should not be more than 2 million. Okay if beg-beg-so

The results of the mio dynotest
Modification plan we negotiated with the crew, for the efficiency of our funds have to be modified from what material stuck to the standard motor, and reduce the purchase of racing parts, and the block bore up plug n play. Another advantage is that we could design our own compression

Ignition we maintain standards, anyway mio unlimit standard CDI, only standard machines are less has reached high rpm power. Instead, we change the cylinder head valve wear big, Hahahahaa ... cheating? This clever name, the science of deer brat ... hehehe ... you'll see the results.

CBR think that this MIO
Standard exhaust sleep, hmmm ... this one matter we submit the same expert Sahek Cak, artist exhaust from the village of Sidoarjo We Gedangan blindfold wrote, cak sahek also have understood that exhaust calculations sip! Especially if the RAT he is like sidekick plek, so definitely we are given a discount cheap .. hihihi ...

Work starts belong to depose replaced GL standard liner, piston following uses GL's oversized neotech max 100. Modifications made to adjust the piston dome piston and valve coakan. The calculation is similar to setting up efficient mio bore our last year's, differing only in the cylinder head. Valve cylinder head was changed to use EE, + entry pathway has ported polished exhaust. Noken our standard lathe base circle lift her up to reach 6.5 millimeters.

This insane package mio 200cc DOHC ... who want to use daily
Finished cylinders and blocks kepalas modification, construction continued on the neck muffler replaced two millimeters larger than the standard. Sarangan changed again by cak sahek. ga know how his model, and no need to know. . an important voice and ran fine ngibrit. ^ _ ^ Settings to adjust the carburetor latest spec replacement performed with a jet pilot honda tiger's size # 42. For enthusiasts of acceleration, then the roller is replaced with 8 grams, and pears CVT 1500 rpm to increase torque lower and middle diputaran.

Already it wrote, cried yes ga modification. I also feel that way But what's his name again saving package. Acceleration tests very mild, if occasionally rather ditarikin topspeed on a deserted road could 120 kph on the track 500 meters. Incomplete we bring dynotesting dong into space. The final result the average output power mio 150cc Kohar that in the magazine are in 9dk, 50% more big than standardnya ... hmmm ... Let us banyuwangi gas into the motor. Accompanied mas banyuwangi adi of the motor, we run mio as much as 5 times over sportdyno machine. Thank God, we got the result power 13.4 hp @ 6.000 rpm, torque of 17 nm @ 5.000 rpm. Well it's because seneng want nyiumin muffler, just inget Dower wrote frightened lips.

Mas adi said this character can make a quarter of gas already mio in applause, and is suitable for economical bulldoze mio make jams in urban areas because torque already at low rpm dirasih easy, and if for racing should be at peak power rpm higher ... The key is in setting CVT Mio Fino's wearing. Ohhh ... So if you attach kepikiran pe28mm carburetor, CDI sepco Fino, Fino full CVT, exhaust Kawahara, could penetrate 18 dk ga ya ... lol ... mupeng've run how many seconds it ...

Capital firm from the beginning until now BORE UP
Never mind, we go home with happy hearts and is looming expression on the face of the owner of the motor. Hopefully satisfied O God, give ease to thy servants in creating works of art-works of art on canvas of this iron. Amin. Perhaps also this simplicity is the fortune inherited my newborn baby. Oiya, to not know yes, now I've become the father of a daughter aged 3-months of the next 5 years may have to modify my go-kart for him, or increase the professional race car mechanic so hahaha The ideals father does want him to be like Alexandra Asmasoebrata , only if he prefers to be a doctor, I also ga ... hahahaha ngimpi objection continues. Gapapa that matters REMAIN HEALTHY - STAY THE SPIRIT, I'll be modifying the engine every day.

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