Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Suzuki Satria FU 150, Ducks 4 No 200 Cc Fastest

In class duck s / d 200 cc 4-stroke tune-up event Pertamina Enduro Championship Dragbike Pertamax Corsa 2011, Suzuki Satria F 150 races Dani Tilil no opponent. The man was thin was incised please register circuit time 7.783 seconds in Jl. Benjamin Sueb (27/11) ago. Timing smallest among rivals.

Success Tilil supported abis Novrian Day, Motor mechanics AHM SKM Harry. Incidentally Uda, Day greetings friend, an expert also working on engines for duck Hyperunderbone liaran 800-meter track that seated nearly 300 cc. Who ever featured liaran MOTOR Plus.

"Create a fall at a distance of 201 meters, spec and slightly different engine settings. Especially back and stroke. But, says Tilil powernya almost like 300 cc. Though somewhat contrived setting spuyer still wasteful to pursue safe, "said the UDA who claimed the new engine worked less than 2 weeks.

The difference spec and settings that are recognized Uda, more focus on the change back. For the official 201-meter track, again contrived trust duration of 310 degrees. So the machine remains stable with no decrease in acceleration at the top speednya performance.

"The duration is made twin. For the suction valve opening 50 ° before TDC (Top Dead Point) and closes 80 ° after TMB (Bottom Dead Point). Moderate exhaust valve opening 80 ° before the TMB and closed 50 ยบ after TDC, "added Uda the open garage on Jl. H. Naman R6/2B Block, Coconut Cottage, East Jakarta.
Compounded return is maximized combustion chamber is setup with a compression ratio of 13.2: 1. High bit contrived in order to force down more responsive. For to be fast, 184.7 cc engine is now andalakan piston diameter of 66 mm bore up a Tiger and up strokes.

"If the position remains the big end. Just plug the pen stroke size of 3 mm. So step right now so 54 mm piston, "said Uda who entrust DBS custom exhaust to dump the gas pipeline.

Then on the track Jl. Benjamin Sueb which tends to heat, gas intake Pertamax Plus fuel and air supplied from the carburetor reamer 1 mm PE 28 with the settings of the top spuyer 132/50. Moreover, the open-close fuel gas flow valve is set umbrella standard F 150, which according to the father of a child is felt still qualified.

"Because the new machine so contrived settings wetter spuyer tried to be safe first race time. Seen from the spark plug electrodes combustion products are still somewhat brownish color. However, if time would far more quickly again, it could be hell. Dicekek way again. Yesterday can plug the main-jet to 125 or down 3 steps back, "continued Uda.

Well, of all the changes earlier, a vital component of the motor winner is Dani Tilil canvas clutch. Without the proper devices are supported, baseball maximum motor power to the rear wheels.

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